Statement of Purpose

We are pro-life

We believe Prayer is a key part of involvement in all facets of life.

We believe that, just as families must, government should live within its means

We believe that God, not man, numbers our days

We encourage the use of adult and umbilical cord stem cells for research and not fetal cells acquired through the killing of the unborn

We believe that parents are charged by God with the responsibility for raising their children and have the right to make decisions concerning their children’s health and well being

We believe that marriage and sexuality should be as ordained by God in the Bible

We believe that parents, not schools, are responsible for the teaching and training of moral values and understanding of sexuality to their children

We believe that character and integrity are a necessity in our public, business, and private lives and in the lives of our public officials

We desire to facilitate Christian service to the least among us by identifying opportunities for service

We come alongside Pastors and Churches to help them equip Christian citizens

We embrace the Gospel and Biblical Objective Moral Justice, while rejecting Critical Race Theory, Liberation Theology and Social Justice



President’s Note: We believe that God punishes nations and cultures who disobey His laws. And thus, those who know the truth and do not act to influence their communities and governments in passing Godly laws, will suffer His wrath like Israel did.  God commands us to be active in our culture and teach these things to our children (Deut 11:19) and when we don’t, He punishes us as he did Eli. As such the VAC is not just an educational organization but an activist organization.

 Also of note, the VAC while not focused on Evangelism or Charity as an organization, expects their members and staff to be appropriately involved in both in their personal lives.